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What to Expect

Jesus said to bring the children unto Him. Every miracle recorded was not just for the benefit of the adult, but also for the next generation. Our fun filled, exciting Sunday School program brings the Bible to LIFE in a BIG WAY every week for children and youth of all ages!


H.E.A.T Youth
TRC has a large and vibrant community of teens and young people who are finding their purpose as world changers! Come experience the difference of a truly dynamic and anointed youth group specifically geared towards teens and young singles. (ages 13 to 21)


Rock Christian Academy
We believe our children are the future of our community and world, and that a godly learning environment can make all the difference in how prepared they are for the next phase of life. Rock Christian Academy is our private christian school serving grades K-12 that promises the type of environment and commitment to excellence that gives every child the best possible chance to thrive in the classroom.


Iron Men
David slew the godless giant. Joseph saved his family and nation from famine. Gideon was the valiant underdog against the unsurmountable host. And Jesus, the victor through the cross. God is building His church on the back of strong men – Iron Men. Get connected.


Women’s Life
Two is better than one, and a true friend in a season of need is priceless. You are not alone in your quest for answers and direction. Come experience the strength and encouragement of the friendship and prayers of godly women.


Sister’s Connect
When you’re just starting your journey in Christ, it can mean the world to have a sister there with you. This is what Sister’s Connect is all about; giving every new sister that comes to Christ a friend that is there to walk with.


Parent’s Time Off
It has been said that raising a family is both the most fun and the most work. Parents Time Off recognizes and delights in working together to see that our hard working parents get to enjoy a night off to relax and refresh from their endeavors to raise a godly family.


Strong families build strong communities. Take the strength and vitality of your family to the next level with our Together group. Join other married couples as we redeem the true meaning and power of what it means to have a biblical family in todays world.


Search & Rescue
Jesus came to reach the lost. Everyone that He came in contact with felt how much God loved them. Search and Rescue is committed to doing exactly the same as we reach for every family and friend right here in South Florida.


Street Ministry
There are a growing number of people that are living on the streets in our community. People who have met hard times and many whom feel like giving up. God commands us to weep with them that weep. This is the heartbeat of our Street Ministry Team, to bring the church beyond the four walls, and into every back road and alley way of our community. The helpless should not be hopeless!


Call Center
We believe that every person in our community should know that there is a church family that is standing with them through the triumphs and tragedies of this life. One conversation can make all the difference, will you make the call?


Abundant Life
The answers to life’s greatest questions aren’t found on Google… but they are found in the Word of God. Gather with our advanced bible study group and dig deeper into the pages of scripture that help us become.


Bible Study
The gospel is the single most powerful and life transforming message that man has ever known. Come experience what the death, burial and resurrection meant to the world at the time of Christ, and what it means for us today.


Ignition Worldwide
The commission of Christ was to go into all the world. TRC is doing just that, as we prepare and send missionaries to preach and teach the gospel around the world.
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First Impressions
A first impression is never forgotten. Bring your smile and enthusiasm in living for God to the front doors of TRC and share it with your community of faith. There is no feeling like feeling welcome. You are welcome here at TRC!


Ushers & Parking Lot
There is no feeling like watching someone pull into the parking lot for the first time to experience the difference at The Rock Church. There is also no greater joy than to see that first time guest return time and again as a member of the local church family. It is our absolute pleasure to make every entry and exit memorable through the help of our Ushers and Parking Lot Ministry.


The gospel is for every tribe and every kindred. We are always expanding our efforts to reach more people with the good news. At the current time, we have translation into Spanish and Creole at every church service.


Music & Fine Arts
There is nothing like the Spirit charged atmosphere of heartfelt worship and praise. Psalm 33:3, “Sing unto him a new song; play skillfully with a loud noise.” Join us as we bring our devotion to God through the ministry and gifts of music and fine arts. Let’s worship together

Meet the Pastor
Rev. Randell L. Williams lives in Fort Myers, Florida, and he has been married to his wife, Barbara, for the past twenty four years. They have been blessed with two sons: Isaac Paul and Judah Leon.

Rev. Williams was baptized in Jesus’ Name and filled with the Holy Ghost at age fourteen and received his call to ministry a year later at a youth camp in Evergreen, Colorado. Under the tutelage and encouragement of Bishop Paul Elder, he began to learn how to allow God to mold him and make him into a vessel He could use. At the age of fifteen, he began to preach, sing, and play various instruments, including the drums, bass guitar, and piano. While he had always been drawn to music, he became truly captivated by it as a way to worship his Savior.
Through his experiences in ministry, Rev. Williams learned that the greatest ability that he possessed was availability. He found that if he would make himself available, God would do the rest. In turn, God has enabled him to minster in various capacities throughout the United States and overseas.
Pastor Williams serves as Lead Pastor of The Rock Church Of Fort Myers. Over the years of growing up in church and as part of his training, Pastor Williams served in nearly every capacity of serving and leadership in the local church. This gave him a very broad range of experience and training in ministry before eventually leaving to evangelize full time across the globe. Concurrently with his time in the local church, Pastor Williams developed a very successful secular career in wireless telecommunications with the world’s largest service provider. His experience in this field began in his early twenties as an account executive for a competing service provider. After two years, his interest in the industry inspired him to start his own business. For six years he operated an independent agency that brokered for six different wireless service providers. His experience opened an opportunity in management with a major communications corporation, which led to a nine year career full of award winning performance managing various aspects of the business. Pastor Williams eventually resigned his secular responsibilities in order to fulfill God’s call for full time ministry.

The blend of training in corporate America along with the Years of training in ministry positioned Pastor Williams to be effective in the new roles and responsibilities that God would begin to open for him.
In addition to his pastoral role, Pastor Williams serves on an international board that oversees the Youth Department of the World Wide Pentecostal Fellowship. The board is responsible for the oversight of conferences and activities around the world aimed at reaching young people.
Pastor Williams also serves as an instructor for Hope Corps. Hope Corps is an organization that has partnered with Wilson Pacific University (Apostolic School Of Theology) to offer an opportunity for people to enter university studies that can help them start their work towards a Bachelor’s degree.
Pastor Williams is a sought after speaker who is privileged to have opportunities to minister in churches and conferences around the world.
Our Community
“God broke every chain and stronghold. He put my family back together. Everybody at TRC stood with open arms… They truly are a Spiritual Hospital.”
“What drew me to The Rock Church was a genuine love that they had for people, and the diversity of the church.”
“I’ve never experienced anything like The Rock Church. It’s electrifying. When you walk through the doors you can feel God’s Presence.”
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